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The Province of Tungurahua is one of the 24 provinces that make up the Republic of Ecuador, located in the center of the country, in the geographical area known as the interandean region or sierra, mainly on the Patate basin. Its administrative capital is the city of Ambato, which is also its largest and most populated city. It occupies a territory of about 3,334 km², being the second smallest province by extension, behind Bolívar. It limits the north with Cotopaxi, the south with Chimborazo, the west with Bolívar, the southeast with Morona Santiago, the east with Pastaza and the northeast with Napo.504,583 people live in the Tungurah territory, according to the last national census, being the seventh most populated province of the country.

The Province of Tungurahua is constituted by 9 cantons, from which their respective urban and rural parishes are derived. According to the last territorial ordinance, the province of Tungurahua will belong to a region also comprised by the provinces of Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and Pastaza, although it is not officially conformed, called the Central Region. It is one of the most important administrative, economic, financial and commercial centers of Ecuador. The development of the industry in the province, in general, was based on the manual skills of its inhabitants. It has a very singular importance for the history of the center of Ecuador, for being a midpoint between the coast and the Amazon, since ancient times it was established as a meeting place between cultures, merchants and events of religious connotation. He had different migratory periods from the mountains such as puruhás and panzaleos.

Later it was conquered by the Incas under the command of Huayna Cápac. The Spanish colonization occurred when the town of Ambato was built, by the year of 1535 being its founder Sebastián de Benalcázar. After the independence war and the annexation of Ecuador to the Gran Colombia, the Province of Chimborazo was created on June 25,1824, within which the current Tungurahua territory is located. Then it would become part of the Province of León. On July 3,1860, the eleventh province of the country was created, the Province of Ambato, which later changed its name to Tungurahua.