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Alajuela is the number 2 province of Costa Rica. Its head is Alajuela, town with category of city, the second most populated city of the whole country. The province has an area of ​​9753 km², which makes it the third largest in Costa Rica behind Guanacaste and ahead of Limón. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Census, the total population of the province of Alajuela, for 2018 is 1 002 917 inhabitants.60.7% of the population is considered as an urban population. In that same census, it was determined that there were 236,927 occupied dwellings, of which 64.1% were in good condition and in 4.9% of the dwellings there were problems of overcrowding. Other demographic data: Literacy: 97.0%. Average schooling: 7.9 years.

Population born abroad: 10.4%.