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Matagalpa is a department of Nicaragua and its departmental capital is Matagalpa. The department of Matagalpa is after Managua, the most populated department of the Republic of Nicaragua and next to the department of Chinandega which has more municipalities with a total of 13 municipalities, although de facto Matagalpa also manages the municipality of Waslala belonging to the Region Autonomous North Caribbean. The department of Matagalpa is after the department of Jinotega the second largest and the fourth largest national entity of the Republic of Nicaragua, it represents the second most populated entity, with 561,282 inhabitants of the departments with the lowest population density due to its size. The surface of Matagalpa is similar in area and shape to the island of Puerto Rico.

The department produces a wide variety of products, from basic grains such as rice in the valleys of Sébaco and Ciudad Darío, Fríjoles in the municipalities of San Ramón and Tuma-La Dalia. Dairy products and their derivatives in the municipalities of Rio Blanco and Matiguas, Cacao in the municipality of Rancho Grande and the product par excellence of the department, coffee in the municipalities of Matagalpa and Tuma-La Dalia.