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Isla de la Juventud

Isla de la Juventud is a Caribbean island, the fifth largest of the Greater Antilles archipelago, with a territorial extension of 2200 km², together with more than 600 cays and islets, it makes up the Canarreos Archipelago, in the southern part - Western Cuba, next to the Gulf of Batabanó, approximately 60 kilometers from the island of Cuba and 142 kilometers from the city of Havana. Isla de la Juventud is also a Special Municipality of Cuba since 1976, with a province rank and 2419 km². This condition is given by its small size and its small population to become a province, at the time when, due to its insular nature, it was considered that it should be subordinated directly to the central government.

Its main population settlements are Nueva Gerona, municipal seat, Santa Fe and La Demajagua - old Santa Bárbara. There are also smaller towns such as Delio Chacón, José Martí, Patria and La Victoria. Previously it was a municipality of the old province of Havana.