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Central is one of the seventeen departments that, together with Asunción, the Capital District, form the Republic of Paraguay. Its capital is Areguá and its most populated city, Luque. It is located in the western center of the eastern region of the country, bounded on the north by Presidente Hayes, on the east by Cordillera and Paraguarí, on the south by Neembucú, on the southwest by the Paraguay river that separates it from Argentina, on the west by Asunción, and to the northwest again with the Paraguay River that separates it from Presidente Hayes. With 2 072 041 habs. In 2017 it is the most populated department, with 2465 km², the least extensive and with 841 inhabitants / km², the most densely populated.

Next to the capital, Asunción, it forms the largest conurbano in the country. It is also the department with the highest HDI, the best social levels and infrastructure and the one that comprises more than 56% of the country's industries. Areguá, located in front of Lake Ypacarai and about 35 km from the capital of the country, is a quiet city with a colonial character.