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Catalonia is a Spanish autonomous community, considered a historical nationality, located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula. It occupies a territory of about 32 000 km² which borders France to the north and Andorra, to the east with the Mediterranean Sea along a seafront of about 580 kilometers, to the south with the Valencian Community, and to the west with Aragon. This strategic situation has favored a very intense relationship with the territories of the Mediterranean basin and continental Europe. Catalonia is formed by the provinces of Barcelona,​​Gerona, Lérida and Tarragona. Its capital is the city of Barcelona. At 2017,7,504,008 people live in the Catalan territory in a total of 947 municipalities, of which 64 exceed 20,000 inhabitants.

Two thirds of the population lives in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. It constitutes a very dense and highly industrialized territory, leading the sector in Spain since the 19th century, and its economy is the most important among the autonomous communities, generating 19.2% of the Spanish gross domestic product. Regarding GDP per capita, it is in fourth position, after the Basque Country, the Community of Madrid and Navarre.

According to data from the Valencian Institute for Economic Research in 2007, its human development index is the eighth largest in Spain, behind La Rioja and ahead of Asturias, the development index of social services puts it in eighth position, Behind Castilla-La Mancha and Cantabria, in the PISA report it is ranked seventh in reading, and sixth in mathematics and sciences, less than 5% away from the first autonomous community.