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Federation of B&H

Not to be confused with Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the two political entities that make up the current Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the Republika Srpska. The Federation was created with the aim of being the home of communities of Bosnian and Croatian origin from the Washington Agreements signed on March 18,1994, by which the Constituent Assembly was created, which was maintained until 1996. Federation limits to the north, east and southeast with the Republika Srpska, to the south with the Adriatic Sea and with Croatia, as well as to the west and northwest.

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is inhabited mainly by Bosnians and Croats, which is why it is sometimes informally known as the Bosnian-Croatian Federation. However, after the decision adopted in 2001 by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbs were officially considered as the third constituent ethnic group of the Federation. This recognition was reciprocal for Bosnians and Croats in the Republika Srpska. The Federation has its own capital, government, flag and coat of arms, president, parliament, customs and security bodies, postal system as well as a flag carrier. It also has its own Armed Forces, called Vojska Federacije Bosne and Hercegovine, although they are under the direct control of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as is the Vojska Republike Srpske.

Both bodies began their integration at the end of 2005, disappearing as separate entities on January 1,2006 to form 6 months later, on June 6, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.