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The Dakar region is the smallest and most populated region of Senegal. It includes the country's capital, Dakar, and all its neighborhoods along the Cape Verde peninsula, the westernmost point of Africa. The Dakar region is divided into four departments administrative structures that have no political power, unlike the French départements: The department of Dakar. The department of Dakar is also a municipality or commune. Its situation is comparable to that of Paris, which is at the same time undépament and a commune. The department-commune of Dakar is further divided into:.4 districts, which are administrative structures with greater powers. The districts are divided in turn into:.19 district communes.

The district communes have many competitions, unlike the Parisian arrondissements and could be better compared to the boroughs of London. The department of Guédiawaye. This department is also a commune. It only has one district. The department-district-commune of Guédiawaye is divided into:.5 communes d'arrondissement. The department of Pikine. Pikine is also a commune, which is divided into:.3 districts, in turn divided into:.16 district communesThe department of Rufisque. Composed pr two districts and three communes directly under the department :. The district of Rufisque, which is also a commune. The district-commune of Rufisque is divided in turn into:.3 district communes. The district of Sangalkam, which administratively is the only rural area of ​​the Dakar region. This district of Sangalkam is divided into:.2 rural communities: Yenne and Sangalkam. Commune of Bargny. Commune of Sébikotane.

Diamniadio Commune In summary: in the region of Dakar, the only administrative units with political significance are: the 7 communes, the 2 rural communities and the 43 district communes.