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The Australian Capital Territory is a federal territory of Australia. It comprises a landlocked enclave in the state of New South Wales, 320 km southwest of Sydney. The Australian government acquired it formally on January 1,1911 and began the construction of the capital, Canberra, in 1913. The territory covers an area of ​​2432 km², and Canberra, is the national capital and seat of the Australian federal government. The Federal Territory of the Capital has a population of 351 200 inhabitants, of which the vast majority live in Canberra. A large part of the population of Canberra is made up of public officials. On May 11,1989, the territory obtained self-government. Two members and two senators represent him in the federal House of Representatives.

The floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory is the glorious Wahlenbergia and the animal emblem the Callocephalon fimbriatum.