ChatRush has been redesigned and optimized.

The ChatRush.Com site was created as a separate branch of QuieroChat.Com.

We had so many users coming to visit our video chat. Due to the latest changes made to QuieroChat.Com, we decided to separate the contents.

Now, QuieroChat.Com is a blog of technological content with some text chats.

ChatRush.Com, on the other hand, is a website for random chats and videochats.

ChatRush means spending less time searching and more time enjoying.

We believe that this differentiation of websites will please users. With this change it will be possible to obtain a greater number of users in a greater number of platforms.

We now allow all Android users to use our random chat as well as in our videochat. This is a feature that was previously not possible on QuieroChat.Com.

For now we have a new random chat as well as a videochat. We invite all Users who send us their suggestions for new features for the chats, or who wish to contribute new ideas for the creation of new chats.

At ChatRush.Com and QuieroChat.Com we are passionate about the 2.0 world of digital communication.

We are determined to change the way that users communicate on the internet in the 21st century.

We also want people to know the history of the online chats. This is the reason our main pages are so extent, to give you with a detailed view of the history of chats.

Knowing where we come from will lead to know where we are going!