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Villa González Ortega

The Municipality of Villa González Ortega is one of the 58 municipalities of the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. The municipal seat is in the town of the same name, Villa González Ortega. Formerly called Hacienda El Carro, later in 1922 by decree of the Honorable State Congress, it changes to its current domination. Name given in honor of Gen. J. Jesús González Ortega, hero of the War of Reform. The municipality has a territorial extension of 324 km², representing 0.43% of the state surface. The municipality is 78 km southeast of the state capital.

This beautiful municipality has one of the most beautiful parishes in the state and the most elaborate in the north of the country, its religion was mostly Catholic, on May 19 it celebrates the patron saint The Lord of St. Teresa, but with the increase in population of Protestant religion was opened a chapel of Protestant religion in the head of the municipality. Account with only two bodies of water in the headwater drinking water is extracted mostly from underground aquatic layers. In 2006 150 years of the parish were celebrated at the head of the church. The atrium was restored for its celebration, the façade with statues and maximum lighting at the ends.