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Sombrerete is the municipal head of the Municipality of Sombrerete, founded in 1555 by Juan de Tolosa, with a population of 19,353 inhabitants, located in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. The City of Sombrerete is one of the most culturally important cities in the state for being part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, Unesco declared in 2010 as a World Heritage Site the historic center of Sombrerete along with two other places in the municipality, the Sierra de Órganos National Park and La Noria de San Pantaleón.

Sombrerete was also declared in 2012 as the Magical Town number 50 of the Mexican Republic by the Secretariat of Federal Tourism, since it has a beautiful architectural wealth, and many tourist places in the city and in the municipality, such as: Sierra de Órganos National Park, the Pintas Caves, etc. In its surroundings, gold mines have been discovered. When the Toma de Zacatecas took place in 1914, it was the state capital for one year. The first governor of the state was originally from the City of Sombrerete which was declared a city in November 1570 due to the sudden growth of population and mineral wealth in the mines of the municipality.