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Marquelia is one of the 81 municipalities of the Mexican state of Guerrero, located in the southeastern part of the state, in the geo-economic region known as Costa Chica. Its head is the population of Marquelia, which is located in the basin of the river of the same name. Marquelia was created from Decree No.413 published in the Official Gazette of the State Government on Friday, December 11,2001, as it segregated from the municipality of Azoyú and Cuajinicuilapa. Being a municipality of recent creation in the state of Guerrero. It has been commented that Marquelia was formerly called "Chilcahuite", it was also known as "Potzahualco", which means "place where water abounds".

It is believed that the original inhabitants of this place of the now Costa Chica were the indomitable Yopitz Indians, prehispanic people, which if true the hypothesis, existed in the region around the year 1400, before the arrival of the Spanish. Later these lands belonged to the landowner of Spanish origin Juan Noriega Gijón, who died on January 20,1915 at the age of approximately 75 years. His daughter was called Elia and the identification of her cattle had a mark on the right ear "Marca de Elia", and that is why it is said that from here the name "MARQUELIA" arises. Juan Noriega's farm was located between the streets. Yucatan, Zapata, before reaching the banks of the river. Marquelia was created on May 27,1837, according to the Decree of the Departmental Board of Puebla. Azoyú belonged to the party of Ometepec, dependent of the Department of Puebla.

With the arrival of residents of San Marcos, Cruz Grande, Copala, Las Salinas, San Nicolás and Barra de Tecoanapa, they gave life to this small community with a number of 148 inhabitants, 75 were men and 73 women. In the 1930s there was a massive emigration to the small population.