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Wood is an orthotropic material, with different elasticity depending on the direction of deformation, found as the main content of the trunk of a tree. The trees are characterized by having trunks that grow year after year, forming concentric rings corresponding to the different growth of the biomass according to the seasons, and which are composed of cellulose fibers linked with lignin. Plants that do not produce wood are known as herbaceous plants. Once cut and dried, the wood is used for different purposes and different areas:Manufacture of pulp or pulp, raw material for making paper. Feed the fire, in this case it is called firewood and is one of the simplest forms of biomass use. Household: crockery, cutlery. Engineering, construction and carpentry. Medicine.

Means of transport: boats, carriages. Pavements: Wood has been used as a material in wooden pavements since ancient times, due to its ductility and insulation, but it is not until the seventeenth century when it extends across Europe. Examples include the platform, the floating platform and the parquet.