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Valle Hermoso

Valle Hermoso is a municipality in Mexico. It is located in the state of Tamaulipas, in the eastern part of the country, 700 km north of the capital Mexico City. The following communities are in Valle Hermoso: Valle Hermoso. Magueyes. Carretera Estatal 99 entre Sur 60 y Sur 70. Ricardo Flores Magón.18 de Marzo.18 the Marzo climate in the area is humid and subtropical. The average temperature in the neighborhood is 25°C. The hottest month is August, when the average temperature is 32°C, and the coldest is January, with 18°C. The average annual rainfall is 767 millimeters. The wettest month is September, with an average of 226 mm of precipitation, and the driest is February, with 26 mm of precipitation.