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The Municipality of Huimanguillo is a municipality located in the Grijalva River region and in the Chontalpa subregion, it is the largest municipality in the Mexican state of Tabasco. Its municipal seat is the city of Huimanguillo, and is also made up of 2 cities, 3 villas, 18 villages, 26 agricultural colonies, 42 ranches and 106 ejidos. Its extension is of 3,757.59 km², which correspond to 15.35% of the total of the state. This places the municipality in the first place in territorial extension in the state.

It borders to the north with the municipality of Cárdenas, to the east it borders with the state of Chiapas, to the south with the states of Chiapas and Veracruz, and to the west with the state of Veracruz. It is known by the nickname of "the giant of Tabasco", since it is the largest municipality in Tabasco.