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For the municipal seat, see: Comalcalco. Comalcalco is a municipality of the Mexican state of Tabasco, is the third municipality in economic importance as well as in population of the state of Tabasco which is located in the Grijalva River region and in the Chontalpa subregion. This municipality is also popularly called,"La Perla de la Chontalpa". Its municipal head is the city of Comalcalco and has a division constituted, in addition, by 16 surrounding urban colonies, 30 ejidos, 90 rancherías, 2 towns, 5 subdivisions, 3 villas and 2 cities. Its extension is 723.19 km², which correspond to 2.95% of the total state. This places the municipality in the tenth place in territorial extension.

It borders to the north with the municipality of Paraíso, to the south with the municipalities of Cunduacán and Jalpa de Méndez, to the east it borders the municipalities of Paraíso and Jalpa de Méndez, and to the west with the municipality of Cárdenas, the municipality of Comalcalco has no coastline maritime according to INEGI data. Comalcalco is and has been an eminently agricultural municipality, being the first producer of cocoa and chocolate in the Mexican Republic. Even though Petróleos Mexicanos has very important installations and wells in production in the municipality, Comalcalco has not lost its physiognomy nor has it ceased to be an agricultural municipality.