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Escuinapa is a municipality belonging to the state of Sinaloa, in Mexico. It is famous for being an important producer and exporter of shrimp, chili and mango, all three of excellent quality.40 km to the coast is Teacapán, a paradisiacal fishing island with land access. Sown with thousands of palm trees and with great importance in livestock. The fauna is abundant, here they inhabit diverse types of birds: white and pink herons, Canadian ducks and pichihuilas among others. There are a lot of wild animals, deer, wild cat, tigrillo, wild boar, etc. The variety of marine species includes: bass, snappers, saws, curvinas, tijerilla, mullet, sailfish and dolphins abound in the waters of Teacapán.

On the way from Escuinapa to Teacapán you can appreciate incomparable landscapes, coconut palms and estuaries populated by birds, with access to privileged beaches, such as La Tambora, Las Cabras, Las Lupitas, Playa Cuatro Surcos, Los Angeles. In addition, Boca de Teacapán, open sea entrance between two springs, forms a natural marina that goes between mangroves more than 80 km to the south.