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Ciudad Fernández

Ciudad Fernández, a Mexican city located in the state of San Luis Potosí and head of the municipality of the same name. It has a warm and dry climate. Its inhabitants cultivate corn, beans, sugar cane and orange, and raise pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and horses. Its pine and holm oak forests are exploited. From the tourist point of view, it is worth mentioning the Central square, the parish, the refuge chapel, the eyes of Agua, La taza de aguas calientes, La Salada and San Juan, as well as the pre-Hispanic ruins. The Spaniards requested the foundation of the town to the Marquis of Gelves, who authorized it in 1624, calling it Dulce Nombre de Jesús.

Later, in 1731, it changed its name to Santa Elena. In 1828, it acquired the category of city and its current name, in honor of General Zenón Fernández who was originally from the place. Population, 45,385 inhabitants.