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Santiago de Querétaro is the most populated city, as well as capital, of the state of Querétaro, besides being the head of the homonymous municipality. It is located in the south of the Mexican Bajío, 221 kilometers northwest of Mexico City. It has an average altitude of 1,820 meters above sea level. According to the 2010 INEGI official census, Santiago de Querétaro has 626 495 inhabitants and its metropolitan area had a population of 1 097 025 inhabitants, which ranked it as the 10th metropolitan area by population in Mexico.

Santiago de Querétaro adjoins to the east with the municipality of El Marqués and the Queretaro locality of San Isidro de Miranda, to the west with the municipality of Corregidora and the Queretaro localities of San Pedro Mártir and Tlacote el Bajo. To the south with the municipality Huimilpan and to the north with the Queretaran localities of Juriquilla and El Salitre. Santiago de Querétaro is famous for its important role in the history of Mexico: in 1810 it was the headquarters of the conspiracy of Querétaro where the movement was forged that would eventually lead to the Independence of Mexico. In 1867 Maximilian of Habsburg was defeated, captured and shot by the republican forces, restoring the republican regime in Mexico. In 1917 it was the seat of the constituent congress that promulgated the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, which continues in force.

In 1929 the political party that was the protagonist of Mexican politics in the twentieth century was founded, the National Revolutionary Party, now known as the Institutional Revolutionary Party. In the year 1996, the Historic Monuments Zone of Querétaro was declared a World Heritage Site, which is why the city has one of the 3 declared sites of the state. Currently Queretaro is an economic center in the country especially in the aeronautical industry, so that 45 percent of the direct foreign investment that arrives in the country for this sector is centered in Querétaro, which has led to the existence of 80 companies and institutions related to aeronautics that make up the cluster. It is also the fifth city with the largest volume of gross domestic product, only after Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Puebla.