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Pedro Escobedo

Pedro Escobedo is the head town of the municipality of Pedro Escobedo, located south of the State of Querétaro, Mexico. It has more than 68,313 inhabitants. It is located 31 kilometers from the state capital by Federal Highway 57. Originally the region was inhabited by semi-nomadic tribes of Otomi. The place was founded in 1754 in a wheat field as a link and rest halfway between Querétaro and San Juan del Río.

Many years it was a ranch and, by the years of 1880, José Piña Soria acquired land from the south side of the hacienda of El Ahorcado and began to pave a large painting that would later be the main square, erecting his own home right there, what can be considered as the pioneer of the new layout of the town. Until 1904 it was called Arrollo Seco, district of San Juan del Río, and was changed by the name of the illustrious Pedro Escobedo, surgeon doctor from Queretaro, founder of the National School of Medicine. Much of its economic activity is due to the great commercial and service movement generated by the Federal Highway 57, which runs on its north side. The coordinates in the center of Pedro Escobedo are 20°30 '13 "North and 100°08' 48" West.