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Ezequiel Montes

Ezequiel Montes is a city in the Mexican state of Querétaro. It is located in the center of the state and has around 40,000 inhabitants. This city, head of the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, was originally a ranch called San Nicolasito and was of the Brotherhood of San Nicolás Tolentino. Then it was part of the municipality of Cadereyta. The name changed to Corral Blanco for the limestone bunds that delimited the corral, part of what is now the center of the city. Julián Velázquez Feregrino bought the ranch in 1861 and only his family lived in it, for which he is considered the founder of the city. In September of that year he held a party attended by friends from neighboring towns.

At dusk they were assaulted and this caused him to invite them to live there, offering them land. Thus the first seven families arrived at the place. Livestock and agriculture were the first activities and then the trade gained importance as a place of passage to the mountains. In 1920 Corral Blanco changed its name to Villa de Ezequiel Montes in honor of Don Ezequiel Montes Ledesma, born in the neighboring Cadereyta in 1820. He was a lawyer, professor, deputy, Secretary of State, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Mexico before the Holy Headquarters. Livestock, commerce, and tourism are the main activities. The local fair is in April, with its artisan, commercial and livestock expo. Tourism: Despite having a small population, this is characterized by its hospitality, its gift of people, so any visitor will feel immediately at home.

The magical town of Bernal belongs to the municipality, is recognized as one of the thirteen wonders of Mexico, here every weekend at the foot of the rock there is a show of dancing fountains. There are also different spas that you can enjoy with your whole family. The city center is 20°39'57 "North and 99°53'53" West.