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Tlatlauquitepec is a municipality of the state of Puebla, Mexico whose municipal seat is the Tlatlauquitepec City, is located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla and is part of the Teziutlán Region, being the second most populated municipality and the second most extensive in the region only surpassed by Hueytamalco and Teziutlan respectively. On November 28,2012, the city was declared a Magic Town, becoming the sixth in the State of Puebla to receive this distinction. It has a population of close to 60,000 inhabitants and a territorial extension of 294.15 km², bordering the municipalities of Cuetzalan to the North, Chignautla, Atempan and Yaonáhuac to the East, with Cuyoaco to the South and Zautla, Zaragoza and Zacapoaxtla to the West.