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Tepeaca is a city in the Mexican state of Puebla, it is the head of the municipality of the same name. It is located 35 km from the City of Puebla, it is located in the Tepeaca-Tecali Valley of Herrera. Its name comes from a Castilian alteration of "Tepeyacatl", composed of the Nahuatl voices tepetl 'hill' - stone and yacatl 'nose, tip, what is in the foreground'. It has been called "Tepeaca de Negrete" because Gen. Miguel Negrete Novoa was born and lived. Onyx and marble are extracted and processed together with the neighboring municipality of Tecali de Herrera.

Tepeaca is famous for being the place where the Holy Child Jesus is venerated Doctor of the Sick, an image of the God that was brought by nuns of the Order of the Josephines. In the parish that the Doctor Child is venerated outside, there is an exhibition in the esplanade on Saturdays and Sundays that consists of more than 100 stalls, so you can buy some pieces of onyx, marble, typical sweets, traditional clothing and even pieces of plaster.