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The Juan Galindo municipality belongs to the State of Puebla, Mexico. It belongs to the northern slope, of the state of Puebla formed by the different partial basins of the rivers that end at the Gulf of Mexico. The municipality is located within the basin of the Tecolutla River. It was constituted as a municipality on January 26,1928, segregating territory to the municipality to which it belonged, however this decree was repealed, returning to its category as a town belonging to Huauchinango.

Finally, on September 11,1936, after negotiations by Gregorio Franco and Pompeyo Cabrera, it was elevated for the second time as a free municipality with the name of Juan Galindo, who was a liberal born in Zacatlan, who fought against conservatives and intervention French His most remembered feat is the so-called "Epopeya de las piedras". I summon 9 determined men, of recognized value, absolute trust and loyalty to the cause, whose names were: Jorge Váldez, Manuel Llorera, Melquiades García, Refugio Escobar, Fidencio Barragán, Gabino Vargas, Antonio Candia, Antonio Aldana and another man with the mote of "the Cachetes".

After the column of 100 French Zouves was distributed along the way, in an intelligent tactic command to attack two horns and 2 drums, located at both ends of the road simulating that two forces attacked by the vanguard and the rear respectively, and breaking the ropes of built contentions, the contained stones rolled with a deadly crash, dragging the Zouaves and ending the company, and the few who managed to save themselves arrived in Huauchinango to tell of the greatness of the Army that had defeated them, never knowing that it was only 9 men. The municipal head is Nuevo Necaxa, counting on the Necaxa and Necaxatepetl localities. The Los Reyes, Nexapa, Necaxa, Tenango and Tejocotal dams feed the Necaxa hydroelectric system. The project to take advantage of the waters of the Necaxa River was started by the French company "Societé Electrique du Necaxa", although without success. The project is then taken up by Dr. Frederick Stark Pearson who founded the companies "The Mexican Tramway Company" and "The Mexican Light and Power Company", both of Canadian capital beginning work in 1903. The hydroelectric system began operating in 1905 in charge of The Mexican Light & Power Company, Ltd.

Same that later, after its nationalization and throughout the years, it became Luz y Fuerza del Centro, until October 11,2009, when said organism was declared extinct and in administrative liquidation, by decree of the federal government during the administration of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. Currently it continues to operate under the administration of the Federal Electricity Commission. Juan Galindo. The name of Necaxa is taken from the Totonac Nakaksan word meaning "place of noise in the water" and comes from "ka": which means place of and "Ksan" noise, and that gives us "place of noise" making reference to the waterfalls of the Necaxa River, which when falling in the depth emitted a deafening noise giving the place identification as "place of noise in the water".

The Glyph of Necaxa responds to an artistic creation of the painter Desiderio Xochitiotzin for the book "Geographical Indonimia of the State of Puebla" by Professor Felipe Franco, based on the erroneous concept of "inhabitants of the water basin" and which is the one that is officially used.