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Military file | name = Domingo Arenas.| fechanac = August 4,1888.| fechamuerte = August 30,1917.| lugarnac = Zacatelco, Tlaxcala.| lugarmuerte = Huexocuapan, Puebla. Image =.| title = General Domingo Arenas. Nickname = The one-armed Arenas. Loyalty = Anti-reelectionism | years of service = 7 years | Rank = General. Controls = General Oriente Division. Unit =.| battles = Mexican Revolution | decorations =.| Jobs = Panadero, Pérez was a Mexican military officer who participated in the Mexican Revolution. He was the son of Francisco Arenas and Margarita Pérez, both of peasant origin. He worked as a cattle herder, bread deliveryman and worker in various factories. When the fight against Porfirio Díaz broke out, he joined the Maderista forces under General Felipe Villegas.

His brother, Cirilo Arenas Pérez was the most important Maderista of Tlaxcala, after proclaimed the Plan de Ayala adhered promptly and had important arms struggles in both Tlaxcala and Puebla.