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Heroica Atlixco aːt͡ɬiːʃko, also known as Atlixco de las flores, is a city located southwest of the City of Puebla. He received his title of "Heroic" due to the battle of May 4,1862 that would precede the battle of Puebla on May 5,1862 and the "Free Battalion of Atlixco" that supported the national army during the strong war of intervention of Mexico-United States. It is known for its good climate and the great floristic, commercial and tourist activity that earned it the name of Atlixco de las Flores and Granary of New Spain, during the viceregal period.

On the last Sunday of September, on the esplanade of San Miguel hill, Atlixco becomes the seat of a festival in which the representatives of the eleven cultural regions of the state of Puebla meet, a festival that is called "Huey Atlixcáyotl" or Fiesta Grande de Atlixco and which is a cultural heritage of the state of Puebla. In 1884, the local Congress decreed that the municipal seat of Atlixco be called "Atlixco de Múgica y Osorio". In honor of the Benemérito of the State of Puebla, Juan Múgica and Osorio.