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The Municipality of Centro is one of the 17 municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Tabasco, located in the region of the Grijalva River and in the subregion of the Center. The municipal seat is the city of Villahermosa, which is also the capital of the State, being located between the parallels 17 degrees 59 minutes north latitude and 92 degrees 56 minutes west longitude. The territorial extension of the municipality is of 1612.11 square kilometers, which correspond to 6.59% with respect to the total of the state and occupies the seventh place in the scale of municipal extension.

It borders to the north with the municipalities of Centla and Nacajuca, to the south with the municipalities of Jalapa and Teapa and with the state of Chiapas, to the east the municipalities of Centla, Jalapa and Macuspana and to the west, with the aforementioned municipalities of the state of Chiapas and the Tabasco municipalities of Cunduacán and Nacajuca.