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Francisco I. Madero

The municipality of Francisco I. Madero is one of the eighty-four municipalities that make up the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Whose municipal seat is the locality of Tepatepec. The municipality is located at the center of the Hidalgo territory between the parallels 20°11 'and 20°18' north latitude. The meridians 99°00 'and 99°10' west longitude. With an altitude between 1900 and 2700 meters above sea level, this municipality has an area of ​​104.99 km2, and represents 0.50% of the state's surface, within the geographical region known as the Mezquital Valley. It borders to the north with the municipalities of Mixquiahuala de Juárez and San Salvador. To the east with the municipality of San Salvador. To the south with the municipalities of San Salvador and Ajacuba.

To the west with the municipalities of Ajacuba and Mixquiahuala de Juárez.