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San Luis Acatlán

San Luis Acatlán is one of the 81 municipalities that make up the state of Guerrero, in southern Mexico. It is located within the Costa Chica region of the state, which is part of the Nahua - Tlapaneca Mixtec Region.

It is one of the main towns in the area, and is known in Mexico for the celebration of its carnival, in which the Dance of the Tecuanis takes place and the men participate in a ritual combat in which they mutually lash each other with whips to demonstrate its strength Other dances that exist are: the "Dance of the Conquest", in which the confrontation of the Spaniards and mexicas is represented, the "Dance of the Twelve Pairs of France", in which the war for the dominion of the Holy Land, the "Dance of the Seven Vices", allegorical representation of the virtues and vices of man, the "Dance of the Tlaminques", scenic game of agricultural life and its problems, mainly against the tiger that attacks the cattle,"Las Mojigangas", picaresque representation of characters that take to the streets to ask for financial donations. But the dance that stands out most in San Luis Acatlan is the Dance of Los Apaches or Yopes, where the war between the Yope-Afro-American people against the Spanish empire is defeated. Every year during the 15th and 16th of September, around 300 dancers, dressed in plumes of feathers and smudged with ground coal and oil or butter, participate in the festivities commemorating the Independence of Mexico.