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Cuajinicuilapa is a population that is located in the state of Guerrero and borders the state of Oaxaca. The municipality has the largest population of Afro-Mexicans in the state, with the majority of the population being part of this ethnic group. It is a word of Nahuatl origin formed by the following elements: Cuauhxonecuilli-atl-pan. The first word, in turn, is composed of cuauhuitl: "Tree". Xo: "De", ixitl: "Pie" and necuilli: "Twist", that is, the cuajinicuil, a tree of the family of the legumes of the genus Inga, whose species abound in the interithmic America. It produces long pods or legumes with seeds wrapped in an edible pulp, just as the cotyledons, which are cooked like vegetables and parboiled, are very tasty.

Then comes atl: "Water", and bread, locative suffix. Cuahxonecuilapan, in Castilian, would be translated river or stream of cuajinicuiles. It is added "De Santa María" in tribute to Colonel Francisco Atilano Santa María.