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Copanatoyac It is a municipality located east of Chilpancingo in Guerrero State, on the Chilpancingo-Tlapa highway, where approximately 12 kilometers before reaching Tlapa, there is the deviation that leads to Copanatoyac through 13 kilometers of paved road. Copanatoyac derives from the Mexican and means "copal in the river". Some authors affirm that it comes from Acopanatoyac, giving it a meaning of "above the river". On February 24,2017, the "anthem to Copanatoyac" was inaugurated, which was a composition of both lyrics and melodies, by one of the most famous people in the population that was Delfino Rodríguez Acosta. E. P. D. Https: // www. Youtube. Com / watchv = yk400SuL3_Y.

The municipal head is Copanatoyac, has 2,924 inhabitants and is located at 590 meters above sea level. In the municipality there are 60 localities. Considering its number of inhabitants, the most important are the following: Copanatoyac, with 2,924. Santa Anita, with 1,408. Ocotequila, with 1,104. Oztocingo, with 989. And Patlicha, with 1,235. Potoichan, 559. And Tlalquetzalapa, with 810. Inhabitants, who represent 48.12% of the total population of the municipality. Bordered north with Tlapa de Comonfort and Atlixtac. To the south with Malinaltepec, Atlamajalcingo del Monte and Tlacoapa. To the east with Xalpatláhuac and Tlapa, and to the west with Zapotitlán Tablas and Atlixtac. Its municipal capital, of the same name, is located 200 km from the state capital. The parish of San Pedro Apóstol, in the municipal capital is its main and only architectural attraction.

But you can also visit, the top of huehuentzintepetl, where an image of Christ the King is located, which gives an amazing view to Copanatoyac, the potoichan waterfall, located in the same town, tlalquetzalapa lagoon, the yelotepetl cave, located in the same locality, etc. You can find all kinds of handicrafts for example: baskets, hats, tanates, tortilla bags and ribbon for making rugs. In addition, bricks and tiles were made. According to the XII General Population and Housing Census 2000 carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Information, the total population of Indigenous people in the municipality amounts to 11,974 inhabitants, which represent 76.01% of the total population of the municipality. So the main activities are: Agriculture and livestock. In percentage, what follows is manufacturing industry, construction and electricity. And finally trade, tourism and services occupy the third place. Farmers produce: chili, onion, sweet potato, corn, beans and various other vegetables.

When the state of Guerrero was erected in 1849, Copanatoyac belonged to Tlapa and it was until 1860 when it was constituted as a municipality, becoming part of the district of Morelos, with head in Tlapa. The municipality is created by Decree of June 17,1920. It is erected by the La Concepcion squad, in the district of Morelos. On January 5,1990, the Organic Law of the Free Municipality of Guerrero was created and in March 1995 it was ratified once again as a free and sovereign municipality. The relief consists of three types: rugged areas that are located to the south, with steep slopes and mountains reaching heights up to 2,250 meters above sea level. The semi-flat areas located in the center and north, forming hills with regular slopes. Flat areas, found in the center on both sides of the Tlapaneco River. The main mountainous elevations that it has are the following hills: Yelotepec, Zopilotepec and Sombrerito.

The municipality counts on good hydrologic resources as they are the Tlapaneco river, in whose left margin the municipal head and streams of permanent discharge settle down: Tecoapanco, the Flowers, Mixteco, the Salada, the Fifteen. Highlights: Cotololatlaco, Oxtocamac, Tecapullo, Cazahuate, Axatipa and Centiapa. It also has springs in some areas. Predominantly semicálido and subhumid climates, located in the south, center and north. The temperate sub-humid type is found in the rest of the territory. In the hottest season the temperature ranges between 16.5ºC and 22ºC. The rainy season is from May to September, with an average annual rainfall of 1,845 millimeters. The wind direction in spring is from east to west and in summer from north to south. In copantoyac typical dishes of the warrior region are cooked, for example the pozole guerrerense, goat barbecue, red and green mole.