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Salamanca is a Mexican city in the state of Guanajuato with a population of 273,271 inhabitants. It was founded on August 16,1602, when the Foundation Mercy was granted by the then Viceroy, Gaspar de Zúñiga y Acevedo, Fifth Count of Monterrey, while on January 1,1603, the first council of the new town that would be known from that moment under the name of Villa de Salamanca by the Viceroy Gaspar de Zúñiga y Acevedo, fifth count of Monterrey, originally from the Spanish Salamanca.

The town was founded in the lands of Bajío, because from the 1540s or 1550s began to establish "estancias" of cattle and a poor agricultural exploitation, by a few Spaniards, The Spaniards took settlers to gain position before the Chichimecas, among the settlers there were small groups of Otomi Indians who formerly occupied a village with the name of Xidoo, which means "land on tepetate", after some Spaniards left the village of Salamanca some Otomi Indians referred to it as "Xidoo "and not as its name dictates. In recent years, on July 30,1950, the Antonio M. Amor refinery was inaugurated, which quickly became a pillar of the local economy. In parallel to this important state-owned company, the installation of the CFE thermoelectric plant and some parastatals more than the petrochemical industry like Iberdola. Salamanca grew rapidly to become an industrial and service site. In 2014 the Mazda Automotive Plant was inaugurated, with an investment of 770 million dollars. In the year of 2016 it will have the capacity to produce 250 thousand units, plus 50 thousand of Toyota brand, for the North American and South American market.

With the investment of part of the Japanese company, it attracted large hotel chains to Salamanca floor, as well as commercial places that did not exist before. In the year of 2014 Salamanca remained in the first places of Business and Business Tourism.