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Purísima del Rincón

Purísima del Rincón is one of the 46 municipalities that make up the state of Guanajuato, in Mexico. It has a total population of 79,798 inhabitants according to the INEGI count in 2015. Its municipal seat is the City of Purísima de Bustos, named after Hermenegildo Bustos. Better known as the pictorial miracle of the nineteenth century. Its limits are: to the northeast, with the municipality of León, to the west with the state of Jalisco, to the south with Manuel Doblado and to the east with San Francisco del Rincón.

The municipality, together with San Francisco del Rincón, León and Silao, forms the Metropolitan Area of ​​León ZML, with a population of 1,791,869 inhabitants, and number 6 among the largest metropolitan areas of Mexico in population terms. Purísima del Rincón is connected by the Ecobulevard with the city of León, and is part of the industrial corridor that begins in the limits with the state of Jalisco, and ends in Celaya, in the limits with the state of Querétaro.