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Irapuato is a Mexican city in the state of Guanajuato, in the center of the state and the Bajío region. Its foundation date is February 15,1547 under the name of "Congregation of San Marcos de Irapuato". From there, the installation of religious missions that give the center of the population an unusual architecture with contiguous temples. According to the 2015 INEGI census, it has a population of 574,344 inhabitants, which is approximately one tenth of the population of the entire state, making it the second largest and most important population of Guanajuato. Metropolitan area of ​​Irapuato-Salamanca of which it is head. The municipal surface is 851.41 km².

It is the head of Electoral District IX, administrative headquarters of the State Attorney's Office of Region B, Region VI Southwest of Guanajuato, the XII Military Region and the Diocese of Irapuato. It stands at the foot of the hill of Arandas, with narrow streets and an urban line of "broken plate" that define its urbanism in the historic center, widening to the more contemporary and spacious areas of the new neighborhoods and boulevards. In its surroundings abound fertile lands of culture, and extensive orchards that cover great part of their term. Surrounded largely to the south by the great valley that forms the Bajío and the Guanajuato River, and to the north the Silao River opens, which passes very close to the city. And some foothills of the mountains of Penjamo and Guanajuato.

The most important economic activity of the population was the production of strawberries, being the largest producer in the world, which is evident under the slogan that the city receives, as "World capital of strawberries." In this sense, since 1998 the city has hosted the Agro-Food Expo, one of the best international fairs in the agricultural, food and related industries, but the economy is also based on the service sector, industry heavy and mechanical metal, administration, construction, communications and transport, and an incipient cultural tourism. Among its historical-artistic and architectural heritage, include the Cathedral of Our Lady of Clean Conception of Mary, the Municipal Palace, the Hospitalito Temple, the Museum of the City and the emblematic Mural of Identity, located in the central square of Vasco de Quiroga, in commemoration to whom the local tradition mentions as founder of the population.