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San Juan Cancuc

San Juan Cancuc is a Mexican municipality in the state of Chiapas. It has the following territorial limits: North with the municipality of Sitalá, East with the municipality of Chilón and the municipality of Ocosingo, South with the municipality of Oxchuc, West with the municipalities of Tenejapa and Chenalhó and Northwest with the municipality of Pantelhó.

It is located in the socioeconomic region "V high Tzotzil-Tzeltal", this being a first problem since it is culturally more identified with the Altos Region, with the exception of Chilón, since its economic interaction is highly linked with this zone due to a large extent First of all, the similarities in its ecosystem, and secondly, due to cultural and political factors, the municipality is located in the northern mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range, making the topography of the area very difficult to access Like agricultural work, there used to be a great extension of forests in this region, which have been lost in an accelerated way since 1973, with the consequent intensified loss of flora and fauna, the same population recognizes the seriousness of this loss, But in the absence of economic alternatives, the degradation of biodiversity does not seem to be reversed.