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Siltepec was erected in town and municipal seat under the name of San Isidro Siltepeque, by decree of March 9,1887, promulgated by José María Ramírez, governor of the state of Chiapas. The formation of the town was made with the inhabitants of the ranch San Isidro Siltepeque, of the department of Comitán. On January 31,1931, the villages of La Frailesca and Santa Ana with the name of La Frailesca were elevated to the category of municipal agency, and the ranches of Vega del Rosario and Santo Domingo on February 3. On February 13,1934, during the government of Victório R. Grajales, the name of San Isidro Siltepeque Town was changed to that of Siltepec and Santo Domingo Municipal agencies to that of La Cascada.

San Luis by Captain Luis Vidal and San Angel by Angel Díaz. The municipality of Siltepec Chiapas is located in the Sierra Madre region of Chiapas at an altitude of 1,580 meters above sea level. For having a lot of variation of slopes is a place with many scenic landscapes. The precise date in which it began to populate the current municipal seat has no data of it, because although in certain exists the hypothesis that our old settlers of origin MAM-QUICHE were established by the direction known as encounter.

However, based on the background of the construction of its Catholic temple and the saying of very old people of the place and family tradition, it is assumed that Siltepec began to be founded at the beginning of the eighteenth century, being its original name NAHUATL which means "Cerro de los caracoles" and, after the arrival of the Spaniards, the name of SAN ISIDRO SILTEPEC was applied to it, for being the religious patron of the place SAN ISIDRO LABRADOR, which is celebrated on May 15, being the main inhabitants of the Comiteco municipal head of origin, as well as people from today's territory of Guatemala. On the other hand, the antecedents that are in the books of Sessions of City councils of those times, that exist in the Municipal File of Siltepec, and that date from the year of 1898, exist minutes that they relate that from before 1870, and to Siltepec It was a congregation or ranchería of regular importance, whose inhabitants of that then, comitecos and Guatemalan, between whom they emphasized Mr.

Crescencio Reyna, Patricio Perez, Higinio Rivera, Jose Rivera, Alejandro Sanchez, Pablo, Mariano and Tomas Roblero, they began cessions to Starting in 1881, to elevate the place to the status of a town, a fact that was DECREED dated March 9,1887, designated by the State Government to Delineate and distribute the legal fund of the town to C. Benjamín Castellano, Comitán's political chief. To his secretary C. Wenceslao Albores, and as a surveyor to C. Ing. And Lic. Herlindo Duran, being municipal president at that time Mr. José María Hidalgo. The most recognized presidents that have had, based on statistical data on economy, culture and sport, taken from the records that work in the municipality, as well as citizen surveys are: Mr. Olivio Laparra Gramajo and Mr. Armando Laparra Pérez, father and son respectively, which are considered for having achieved the largest works that the municipality currently has and for having handled honestly during their mandates, in addition to having supported the rural community with many development programs.