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The municipality of Salto de Agua is one of the 122 municipalities that make up the state of Chiapas. It covers part of the Flora and Fauna Protection Area "Cascadas de Agua Azul". It has a territorial extension of 1289.20 km². The climate is hot-humid with rain all year round. The vegetation is of high forest. Its hydrological resources are the Tulijá rivers and their tributaries Michol, Bascán, Misoljá, Palenque. This is located in the economic region VI Selva and limits to the north with the State of Tabasco and Palenque, to the east with Palenque, to the south with the municipality of Chilón, to the west with the municipality of Tumbalá and Tila.

The coordinates of the municipal head are: 17°33 '20 north latitude and 92°20' 02 west longitude and are located at an altitude of 10 meters above sea level.