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Pichucalco is a Mexican city located to the north of the Mexican state of Chiapas, it is the municipal head, regional head and federal head of the northern zone, being the three times head it places the city of Pichucalco as one of the seven most important state of Chiapas It is located on the border of the Northern Mountains and the Gulf Coastal Plain. Pichucalco means, in the Zoque language, House of wild boars. They also call it the capital of the northern zone and Chiapas' fianc2ee for being a gateway to the state is considered from April 25,2018 by the state congress the first heroic city of Chiapas.

The city of Pichucalco is the tenth most populated city in the state of Chiapas and has 62,327 inhabitants. It limits the north with the municipality of Juárez, the east with the State of Tabasco, the south with Ixtapangajoya, Ixtacomitán, Chapultenango, Francisco León, Ostuacán and Sunuapa, to the west with the State of Tabasco.