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Oxchuc is an indigenous municipality located 48 km from San Cristobal de las Casas, in the State of Chiapas, Mexico. The ethnic group that predominates is the Tzeltal. His name means in Tzeltal language "Three Knots". Thus forms part of the region of the V high tsotsil-tseltal in Chiapas. It is a reserved town where male authority predominates. There is the church of Calvary on a hill outside the town. Oxchuc was known as Tealtepec, place where wild animals lived as the deer among other species, Oxchuc is rich in flora and fauna as well as rich in culture and traditions. Oxchuc borders the municipalities of Huixtán, Altamirano. Ocosingo, Cancuc and Tenejapa its territorial extension is 72000 m².

The majority of the population is native speakers of the Tseltal language. It is considered one of the poorest municipalities in Chiapas, since its geographic and climatic conditions make it difficult to produce food and market it.