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Manzanillo is the principal city of the municipality of homonymous name in the state of Colima and limits to the north with Minatitlan to the east with Coquimatlán and Armory. To the south, there is the Pacific Ocean. And to the west and northwest limits with the state of Jalisco. The city is made up of 9 localities: Tapeixtles, Salagua, Naranjo, Colomos, Miramar, Valle de las Garzas, Brisas, Santiago and Manzanillo. Thanks to the commercial development of Mexico, Manzanillo, which is projected as a commercial port and tourist destination, is experiencing rapid growth in infrastructure and tourist attractions. It is located 4 meters above sea level on the boardwalk.

As a commercial port, it has increased its port activity thanks to significant investments in its infrastructure and logistics, which has allowed it to remain as the number one port in Mexico for 8 consecutive years. The city is also made up of 3 bays, with the first two having the largest influx of tourists. Manzanillo was the third port created by the Spanish conquistadors in the Pacific. It was founded in 1530 by Captain Gonzalo de Sandoval under the name of Tzalahua.