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Reynosa is a city in the State of Tamaulipas located in the Northeast of Mexico. It has a population of more than 630,000 inhabitants and in its metropolitan area with the neighboring city of Rio Bravo. The Reynosa-Río Bravo metropolitan area is the twenty-third most populated city in the country, and the Reynosa-McAllen metropolitan area with a population of 1,647,351 inhabitants is the third most populous transnational metropolitan area between the United States and Mexico border, after Ciudad Juárez and Tijuana. It is currently the city with the largest Gross Domestic Product of the State with approximately 13.8 million dollars. The main economic engine of the city is the industrial sector and manufacturing.

In recent years it has grown with the arrival of national and international companies such as Corning, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Key Tronic, Hutchinson S., Eaton Corporation, among others. According to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness Reynosa and Tampico are the only cities in Tamaulipas that are in the ranking of the most competitive cities in Mexico. In 2015, Reynosa was among the 20 most competitive and sustainable cities in the country. It also makes it a city with very little unemployment and with the highest economic growth and population in the Northeast. Reynosa is the third city with the highest population growth in Mexico after Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, with a variation compared to 2000 of 39% according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

Due to its rapid demographic expansion, the city currently lacks commercial centers and offices, tourist sites, amusement centers and points of interest that meet the needs of its growing population, although at present there is already planning to try to solve this problem.