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La Concordia

The Municipality of La Concordia is one of the 118 municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Chiapas. Origin. In this municipality, because it was established in the last century, no remains of previous cultures were found. The town was founded on February 14,1849, with 11 streets, 5 sections and 27 blocks, of 8 lots each. One for the plaza with 129 varas, half a block for the church, a cural house and 50 varas for the municipal buildings, being Governor of the State Fernando Nicolás Maldonado. In 1870, the municipality was formed, pointing to the town of La Concordia as its head. When the armed revolt in Chiapas, this town was abandoned for several years and rebuilt in 1920.

When the reservoir of the dam Dr. Belisario Domínguez was verified, it was changed seat to a higher part, on the mountain range of Canto or Monte Grande, for which houses were built in the new town. The current town, like the previous one, is located in the central depression of Chiapas. From here to the present the town. It has 170 years since its founding. Location of La Concordia. The Municipality of La Concordia is located in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Population in La Concordia. The total population of the municipality La Concordia is 40189 individuals, of which 20174 are male and 20015 are female. Ages of the population.

The population of La Concordia is divided into 17673 minors and 22516 adults, of whom 2918 are over 60 years old. Indigenous population of La Concordia.3536 people in La Concordia live in indigenous households. An indigenous language speak of the inhabitants of more than 5 years of age 2444 people. The number of those who only speak an indigenous language is 156, of whom also speak Mexican is 2127. Social structure. Right to medical attention by social security, they have 5139 inhabitants of La Concordia. Economic structure. In La Concordia there are a total of 8971 households. Of these 8622 homes, 2352 have a dirt floor and about 2134 consist of a single room.7058 of all homes have sanitary facilities, 5442 are connected to the public service, 7824 have access to electricity.

The economic structure allows 149 households to have a computer, 1718 to have a washing machine and 6569 have television. School and education in La Concordia. Apart from the fact that there are 7108 illiterates aged 15 and over, 1176 of the young people between 6 and 14 years old do not attend school. Of the population as of 15 years 7085 they do not have any schooling, 12053 have an incomplete schooling.3500 have a basic education and 2517 have a post-basic education. A total of 1998 of the generation of young people between 15 and 24 years of age have attended school, the median schooling among the population is 5 years.