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Comitán Municipality

Comitán de Domínguez in honor of the hero of the free word Belisario Domínguez Palencia, the greatest civil hero of Mexico born in Comitán word that was Castilianized as Comitán. Also the pre-Hispanic name of Comitán was Balún Canán which means " Place of the nine stars". It is the oldest city of Chiapas with constitutive act of February of 1528, and the human settlement historically in Chiapas more ancient because at the arrival of the Spaniards they found a Mayan town that dates from the classic period, with the conquest it becomes town of the then captaincy of Guatemala and later in city, unlike the other cities of Chiapas that were founded by Spaniards, Comitan already told a pre-Columbian history.

Today is a municipality that is characterized by its variety of architectural styles ranging from the neo-classical through the baroque, neo-gothic and art nouveau more recently in the remodeling of facades in the home, this influence of the conquest but also tells its Mayan history with the vestiges of tenam bridge and quija with Mayan pyramids from which the identity of what today is the city emerges, so recently from the hands of the governor of the state receives the title of the most cultural city of Chiapas for being the most historic and representative in all areas from its culture and origins through its architecture, vestiges and customs, cradle of heroes and characters of the highest national cultural scale, even by the events here raised as the gestation of the independence of Chiapas and Central America and the signature of the treaties, among others. It has a temperate climate in spring. Moderate to strong heat in Lent, rain in summer and strong to moderate cold in winter. It is characterized by having many linguistic regionalisms among its inhabitants and a wide gastronomic variety. According to the INEGI is the fourth city in terms of state economy. The municipality is located in the XV economic region: Meseta Comiteca Tojolabal, being the regional capital and commercial city of at least 8 surrounding municipalities with a potential population that surpasses 500 thousand inhabitants, which places it within the third economic zone more productive state and the highest percentage growth in population and housing.

In 2011, it receives the national award as one of the 10 municipalities with the best quality of life in the country and it is the only one so far in Chiapas, in 2012 it is named a magical town by the secretary of tourism.