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Chapultenango is one of the 122 municipalities in which the Mexican state of Chiapas is divided. It is located in the northwest area of ​​the state, in the region known as the Northern Mountains. It limits with the municipalities of Pichucalco, Ixtacomitán, Solosuchiapa, Ixhuatán, Tapilula, Pantepec, Tapalala, Ocotepec and Francisco León. The municipal seat is Chapultenango. Other important localities in this municipality include Río Negro, Guadalupe Victoria, Buenos Aires, San Antonio Acambac, Carmen Tonapac and San Miguel Buenavista. The name of the municipality comes from the Nahuatl and means "Fortified place of the Chapulines". The origin of this town is before the Spanish conquest, when a group of zoques was established in the current territory of the municipality.

Later they were subdued by the Aztecs and later by the Spaniards. The colonial town of Chapultenango was established at the end of the 16th century. The first census was made in 1778. In 1837 it is called the Northwest party head. In 1910 it becomes part of the District of Pichucalco. In 1944, it was officially established as a second category municipality, and in 1982, a third of its territory was disabled due to the eruption of the Chichonal volcano. Its climate is warm - humid with rains most of the year and an average annual temperature of 22.5º C. The vegetation in the municipality is of high forest reason why it counts on great variety of species between which they emphasize Matapalo, chihte, rubber, mahogany, cedar among others.

The fauna of the municipality has a great variety of spices among which are: Boa, coral, riparian iguana, flat turtle and crocodile tortoise. Of the total population, 3660 are men and 3672 are women. Approximately 30% of the population lives in extreme poverty.