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Kings County

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs that make up the city of New York, United States. Located at the western end of Long Island, it was an independent city until its incorporation into the urban conglomerate of New York in 1898, an event known as the "Great Error of 1898". Brooklyn is the most populated county in New York, with about 2.5 million inhabitants. The Borough of Brooklyn is consistent with the boundaries of Kings County, which is also the most populous in the state. Kings County maintained its status as one of the counties of the state of New York until Brooklyn was incorporated into New York, which was taken with consternation by some residents of the time.

As an independent city, Brooklyn was counted among the four most populated in the United States. Brooklyn received its name in honor of King Charles II of England, so it also deserves the nickname of "City of Kings." Despite the union with New York, Brooklyn maintains a strong identity. The merger was called the "Great error of 1898" by many newspapers of the time, and the phrase still denotes the pride of Brooklyn among the oldest residents of Brooklyn. It has been called City of Trees, City of Homes or also City of Churches in the 19th century, or even Borough of Homes and Churches. As a promotional attempt, the local administration has placed traffic signs along the busiest avenues on the Brooklyn border with expressions associated with it, such as: Fuhgeddaboudit, Oy vey and How Sweet it is.

A sign identifies Brooklyn as Home to Everyone From Everywhere.