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Newport News is an independent city in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of ​​Virginia, United States. It is located on the southwestern tip of the Virginia Peninsula, on the north bank of the James River, extending southeast from Skiffe Creek along many miles of coastline to the mouth of the river at Newport News Point in the harbor of Hampton Roads. The area known as Newport News was part of the county of Warwick, one of the eight original counties of Virginia, formed by the House of Citizens in the British colony of Virginia, by order of King Charles I of England in 1634. The county was It consists largely of farms and undeveloped land, until almost 250 years later.

With many residents employed by Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding, the base of the US Army. UU In Fort Eustis, and other military bases and suppliers, the economy of the city is closely linked to the militia. The location in the harbor along the James River facilitates a sector of large navigation that can take advantage of its many kilometers of coastline. Newport News also serves as a junction between the rails and the sea with Newport News Marina terminals located in the East End of the city. Served by Interstate 64, which is linked to the other Seven Towns of Hampton Roads, the circumference of Hampton Roads Beltway, which crosses the harbor into two tunnel bridges. Part of the Newport News / Williamsburg International Airport is in the city limits.