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Saint Lucie County

The San Lorenzo River is one of the main rivers of North America, the collector of the Great Lakes that connects with the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of San Lorenzo. In its first section forms the natural border between the United States and Canada, bordering the west of the province of Ontario, and then goes into Quebec through it completely. It belongs to Lawrence's lake system. The San Lorenzo is a great river that runs through the middle latitudes of the continent. Born on Lake Ontario, next to Kingston, and then go through the cities of Brockville and Cornwall. And Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Quebec City.

It flows into the Atlantic after crossing the namesake estuary of San Lorenzo, the largest estuary in the world, after a journey of more than 3000 km. If its sources in the Great Lakes are ignored, the San Lorenzo River, from the outlet of Lake Ontario, has a length of 1197 km. Its furthest support is that of the North River,. Saint Louis River at Seven Beaver Lake, in the Mesabi Range in Hibbing, Minnesota, the farthest source of Lake Superior. The river is part of the San Lorenzo river system, which would be formed by the following succession of rivers and lakes: North river - Saint Louis river - Lake Superior - St. Marys river - Lake Huron - Sainte-Claire river - Lake Sainte-Claire - Detroit River - Lake Erie - Niagara River - Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River - San Lorenzo Estuary.

The river is also part of the Great Lakes waterway. Its river basin - a large part of the North American continent, which includes the entire Great Lakes region, the largest system of freshwater lakes in the world and which accounts for almost 25% of the total world reserves of freshwater - drains an area of 1 344 200 km², of which 839 200 km² are in Canada and 505,000 km² in the United States. The basin comprises part of the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec and the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin. The average flow in the mouth is 9,850 m³ / s.