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Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is one of fifty states that, together with Washington DC, make up the United States of America. Its capital and most populated city is Boston. It is located in the Northeast region of the country, New England division, bordering northwest with Vermont, north with New Hampshire, east with the Gulf of Maine, southeast with Rhode Island, south with Connecticut and west with the state of New York. With 27,336 km² it is the seventh least extensive state - ahead of Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island, the least extensive - and with 239.52 inhabitants / km², the fourth most densely populated, behind from New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

He was admitted to the Union on February 6,1788, as the 6th state. The state is named after the Massachusett tribe, which once inhabited the eastern side of the area, and is one of the original thirteen colonies. The capital of Massachusetts is the city of Boston, which is also the most populous city in New England. More than 80% of the population of Massachusetts lives in the greater Boston metropolitan area, a region that influences American history, academia and industry. Originally dependent on agriculture, fishing and commerce, Massachusetts was transformed into a manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution. During the twentieth century, Massachusetts's economy shifted from manufacturing to services. Modern Massachusetts is a world leader in biotechnology, engineering, higher education, finance and maritime trade.

The state governor is Charlie Baker, and its members of the Senate are Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey. The state is internationally famous for the quality of its universities, which include Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts University or Suffolk University, and for its liberal arts colleges, among which are Amherst College, Berklee College of Music, Williams College and Clark University. It is also known for summer resorts in natural landscapes and its tourist infrastructure. This quality is not exclusive to his famous Cape Cod, but to many other places in New England. Ten years ago Massachusetts had the highest tax rate of all of the United States, the state earned the nickname of Taxachussetts. Today, however, most US states have a higher tax rate than Massachusetts.