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Montana is one of the fifty states that make up the United States of America. Its capital is Helena and its most populous city, Billings. It is located in the western region of the country, the Rocky Mountains division. It limits to the north with Canada, to the east with North Dakota and Dakota of the South, to the south with Wyoming and to the west with Idaho. With 380 838 km² it is the fourth most extensive state -behind Alaska, Texas and California-, with 989 415 habs.

In 2010, the seventh least populated - ahead of Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming, the least populated - and with 2.60 inhabitants / km², the third least densely populated, ahead of Wyoming and Alaska, the least densely populated. He was admitted to the Union on November 8,1889, as the state number 41. The third center-west is crossed by mountains of the mountain chain of the Rockies. This explains his name, derived from the Spanish word "mountain". The nickname of the state is the "Treasure State". Other nicknames are "Land of bright mountains","Country of the Great Sky" and the motto "The last best place". In the ranking of states, it appears fourth in terms of area, but only 44th in population, and, therefore, has the third lowest density in the United States. The economy is mainly based on agriculture and the extraction of wood and minerals.

Tourism is also an important factor in its economy, with millions of visitors a year to the Glacier National Park, the site of the Battle of Little Big Horn and Yellowstone National Park.